January 2014 Lego Club Creations


Inventing and Engineering was the theme of our January 2014 Lego Club, and the kids showed their skills in their creations.

For our mini builds, we celebrated both Lego’s birthday and National Candy Month. Kids were encouraged to build something to celebrate Lego’s birthday, or to make their favorite candy. There were lots of yummy builds!

For our challenge build, the kids were Lego engineers tasked with building a tool or usable object, either real or imagined. From hammers to robots, we had a great variety.

And for our theme build the kids continued their engineering and were told to build a structure or create a surface. We saw everything from landmarks like pyramids to super tall office buildings, houses, and a beautiful waterfall.

As usual, it was a really great meeting and lots of fun for all!

Mini Builds – Happy Birthday Lego! and National Candy Month

DSCN6391The word “cool”

DSCN6392Candy Land

DSCN6393Rainbow flavor lollipop


DSCN6395A king’s throne

DSCN6396LEGO and a birthday cake

DSCN6397A Lego city

DSCN6398A giant rainbow lollipop

DSCN6400LEGO, a candy bar, a chocolate bar and bubblegum


DSCN6402A Snickers bar

DSCN6403Random building with bricks


DSCN6405A chocolate bar

DSCN6406A Lego pool with hot water controls

DSCN6407A birthday cake with L for Lego

DSCN6408A Lego house and yard with pyramid

DSCN6410A birthday cake

DSCN6421A lollipop

Challenge Build – Build a Tool or Usable Object
DSCN6399A wrench

DSCN6409A hammer with blades in the front and a drill on the bottom

DSCN6411A hammer

DSCN6412A hammer and a bubble gun

DSCN6413A comb

DSCN6414A dad and baby robot – Phil and Phil Jr.

DSCN6415A hammer

DSCN6416A flashlight

DSCN6418A pickaxe, a ruby and a tree

DSCN6419A pair of bubble guns

DSCN6420A minecraft pickaxe

DSCN6422An Army robot

DSCN6423A robot with a jet pack

DSCN6424A robot with details to show how much energy he has

Theme Build – Structures and Surfaces
DSCN6417A police station

DSCN6425A pond with water, a fire and trees

DSCN6426A hotel

DSCN6427A huge work building with black windows

DSCN6428The Sphinx and a pyramid with workers

DSCN6429Pet hamster “Bitzr”

DSCN6430A pyramid with a tomb inside

DSCN6431Buildings and an airplane

DSCN6432A waterfall

DSCN6434A house with a striped roof

DSCN6435A house – group build

DSCN6436A three story house

Our next Lego Club is February 7 (and already full). Our March 6 meeting still has openings. Have fun celebrating Lego’s birthday, and hope to see you soon!


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