June 2014 Lego Club Creations


This month JoCo Homeschool Lego Club celebrated one year of building fun.  Thanks to all who have attended meetings and shared their creations with us!

June is Outdoors Month, and contains Father’s Day, Flag Day, Juggling Day, the first day of summer, Paul Bunyan Day, Yo-Yo Day, and Donut Day.   The mini-builds were June themed, and there were lots of amazing creations! To celebrate Lego Club’s birthday, we chose our favorite challenge and theme builds from the past year.   For their challenge build, the kids started out building team towers, but in the end, they ended up with two huge team cities (and one mini village), and they were awesome!   Then for the theme build, we broke out the ramps and let the Lego cars zoom through the room. Everyone had a great time!

Next month’s Lego Club is Friday, July 11th.  Hope to see you there!



DSCN6698Bull Riding into Brick Wall

DSCN6699Butterfiles and Flowers

DSCN6700Dad, Butterfly, and Random Buildings

DSCN6701Giant Flag

DSCN6702Giant Duck


DSCN6704Summer scene – a pool with a guy in it, and a guy sitting under a tree

DSCN6705 Guy in a doughnut shop

DSCN6706Yo yo

DSCN6707Coral Reef

DSCN6709Treasure chest, 2 ball people holding hands, doughnut


DSCN6711Mountain with ice water, man who carved a face into the ice


DSCN6713Garden with apple tree, a tomato bush and cabbage


DSCN6715Alligator and castle


DSCN6717Pizza place and house

DSCN6718Church with holy water

DSCN6719House with multiple levels


DSCN6721 Guy with eight hands

Challenge Build/Team Build – They may not be towers, but they are awesome cities! DSCN6722 DSCN6724 DSCN6725 DSCN6729   Theme Build – Cars and Ramps DSCN6733 DSCN6734 DSCN6735 DSCN6736 DSCN6737


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