County Fair Fun at Mahaffie


The weather was perfect for the 1860s-style county fair at Mahaffie! The kids enjoyed voting for their favorite farm animal (including some very happy pigs and friendly horses), riding the stagecoach, exploring the new barn, learning how to scrub laundry by hand, watching the blacksmith form rake tines, and creating their own cup and ball game to take home. Plus, the kids who planted corn in the spring were pleased to see how tall it was – taller than the parents!

The Fall Homeschool Day at Mahaffie is scheduled for Thursday, September 11. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

2014-07-31 10.02.09Happy pigs

2014-07-31 10.28.58Friendly horses

2014-07-31 10.31.40At the blacksmith’s shop

2014-07-31 11.14.53Laundry by hand

2014-07-31 10.50.36Take these items to make…

2014-07-31 10.50.45a cup and ball game!


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