January 2015 Lego Club Creations


2015-01-05 12.22.10

For our January 2015 meeting, we had a mini-build based on Lego’s birthday, a 50 brick challenge, and a theme of Castles and Creatures. As always, the kids ran with those ideas and made some great builds!

Mini Builds

2015-01-05 12.21.22A diamond sords, a sapling, and a person with a wood pick.

2015-01-05 12.22.10A LEGO birthday party

2015-01-05 12.23.09Minecraft

2015-01-05 12.24.44A sword in a holder that can hang on the wall

2015-01-05 12.25.07A moon buggy

2015-01-05 12.25.53A motor with the biggest person in the world with a bull’s head

2015-01-05 12.28.44A castle

2015-01-05 12.29.13A root beer float (team build)

2015-01-05 12.29.25A red monster

2015-01-05 12.30.03The blades

2015-01-05 12.30.53The whole mini build kit!

50-Brick Challenge

2015-01-05 12.35.40Corral of cows with a bull, cows and babies

2015-01-05 12.40.05A dragon

2015-01-05 12.48.44A castle

2015-01-05 12.49.07A birthday party

2015-01-05 12.49.22A lion eating a zebra

Castles and Creatures

2015-01-05 12.50.00A basketball court, Kauffman Stadium, Sporting KC Stadium, and a tennis court

2015-01-05 12.51.50A collection of dragons, crocodiles and sea creatures

2015-01-05 12.53.20Break River Castle

2015-01-05 12.55.56A castle with a flag

2015-01-05 12.58.34A herd of dra-goats – a hybrid of goats and dragons that breathes out venomous gas

2015-01-05 13.00.48Drago – his eyes are hidden

2015-01-05 13.01.27A castle with a moat and a letter T

2015-01-05 13.02.03A dog, geese on the pond, and the dog’s fence fell down

2015-01-05 13.02.53One sheep

2015-01-05 13.03.24The Tower of the Spare with a guy pushing another guy into the dungeon

2015-01-05 13.05.01A house with a yard that has snow melting

2015-01-05 13.06.15A dinosaur and a horse

2015-01-05 13.09.08A snow castle that is melting (the blue is the ice melting to water)

2015-01-05 13.11.40A castle with a waterfall

2015-01-05 13.11.53A root beer float that can be a saxophone – a “musical milkshake”

2015-01-05 13.17.50A green space

2015-01-05 13.18.47A castle

What great creations the kids built!

Happy building at home!


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