February 2015 Lego Club Creations


For this month’s meeting, we celebrated the Heart of Lego! For the mini build, we used Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, Presidents’ Day, and National Inventors Day for inspiration. We then had a 2D/3D challenge build where the kids were encouraged to build a creation in both 2D and 3D and compare the two. Then we opened the bins for fun free building time. Take a look at the wonderful things our kids created!

Mini Builds

2015-02-02 10.58.45I Love You

2015-02-02 10.59.28A heart with an arrow

2015-02-02 10.59.49A colorful heart

2015-02-02 11.01.19Presidents’ Day

2015-02-02 11.01.56A winter garden

2015-02-02 11.02.25Valentine’s birthday party for Dad – team build

2015-02-02 11.03.11A groundhog on Groundhog Day

2015-02-02 11.05.25A heart and an island with an ocean

2015-02-02 11.07.54A house and an American flag

2015-02-02 11.09.29A cave system with lava

2015-02-02 11.10.07A brown mushroom

2015-02-02 11.11.42Tree village

2015-02-02 11.12.57The Last Supper

Challenge – 2D and 3D

2015-02-02 11.03.29An inventor in 2D and 3D

2015-02-02 11.14.58Ninjago characters in 2D and 3D

2015-02-02 11.16.58Minecraft guy in 2D and 3D

2015-02-02 11.23.11A castle in 2D

2015-02-02 11.24.17A heart in 2D and 3D

2015-02-02 11.25.143D heart

2015-02-02 11.27.06Two flags and a dragon in 3D

2015-02-02 11.31.12A red diamond in 3D and the example red diamond

2015-02-02 11.32.24Rainbow in 2D and 3D

2015-02-02 11.33.02A crazy gorilla in 2D and 3D

2015-02-02 11.33.42A yellow heart in 2D and 3D

2015-02-02 11.34.26Daddy in 2D

Free Build
2015-02-02 11.32.16A rocket

2015-02-02 11.43.43A bed

2015-02-02 11.44.24Minecraft diamond pit

2015-02-02 11.46.36A fort (team build)

2015-02-02 11.47.26A snowy tree

2015-02-02 11.47.47Wolverine’s claws

2015-02-02 11.48.04A random sculpture

Thanks to all the kids for a great meeting! Happy building!


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