March 2017 Lego Club Creations


2017-03-06 11.49.08

For our March 2017 Lego club meeting, we explored space! We also had a mini build based on March holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day, Dr. Seuss’ birthday, the start of spring, archaeology month and so on. After our mini build, the kids were tasked with building planets, rockets, rovers and any other kind of space-related item they could think of.

Here are some of the creations from our meeting:

2017-03-06 10.34.26
A phone

2017-03-06 10.34.50
Multiple phones of various sizes

2017-03-06 10.40.10
A birthday cake – Happy 12th Birthday M!

2017-03-06 10.52.51
Rainbow solar system

2017-03-06 10.53.14

2017-03-06 10.53.35
Rainbow planet

2017-03-06 10.55.01
A building

2017-03-06 11.04.25
A book

2017-03-06 11.06.29
A flower garden, apple tree, a wild horse and other animals

2017-03-06 11.30.57
A moon base w/ guns and an astronaut and radar

2017-03-06 11.31.04
Chicken army and a space buggy

2017-03-06 11.38.55
Alien taco army, ground transports, and submarines with drill tips on the front

2017-03-06 11.40.15
Ground transport tank that carries lava poison tacos and a lava taco shooter

2017-03-06 11.41.26
Space rover

2017-03-06 11.42.06
A dark laser shooting taco

2017-03-06 11.43.12
Space ruin on the moon

2017-03-06 11.44.40
Rainbow rocket

2017-03-06 11.46.45
Lush green planet with a moon rover

2017-03-06 11.46.52
Asteroid that the green planet circles

2017-03-06 11.48.00
A hovercraft

2017-03-06 11.48.36
A space rover

2017-03-06 11.49.08
Rocket and lunar rover

2017-03-06 11.52.19
A planet in space

Happy building!


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