UMKC Geology Museum


2017-06-16 10.34.42

This June we visited a true hidden gem, the UMKC Geology Museum. Tucked away down a hall by the science labs, this museum has one of the best collections available for viewing, and even better, it is free. Our tour was led by Dr. Gentile, professor emeritus, and he provided us all kinds of interesting information about the different rocks, minerals and fossils that are in the collection. What made the collection even more amazing was the variety of pieces that we could touch and handle! The kids really enjoyed getting up close to the samples, including a saber tooth cat.

Thank you to Dr. Gentile for a wonderful tour and for taking the time to answer our questions, as well as gifting each student with a polished rock and the group with a copy of his book. Visiting the museum was an amazing opportunity for our budding geologists!

Dr. Gentile welcoming us to the museum and showing us a saber tooth cat skull
2017-06-16 10.03.49

Listening to Dr. Gentile tell us about some of the collection
2017-06-16 10.21.38

Examples from the collection:
2017-06-16 10.13.15

2017-06-16 10.19.40

2017-06-16 10.21.19

2017-06-16 10.26.00

2017-06-16 10.34.42

2017-06-16 10.35.14

2017-06-16 10.47.24

2017-06-16 10.49.14

2017-06-16 11.06.00


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