November 2017 Lego Club Creations


We kicked off November with a fun time building together! We started with mini builds about Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, leaves, and other late fall themes. Then we moved to our challenge build – Show Me the Inside. The kids were told to make a creation that was interesting on the inside, and they delivered with creations ranging from a series of geodes to the inside of a building to the inside of a watermelon.

Here are some of the creations the kids built this month:

2017-11-06 10.49.53
A volcano erupting, water flowing down and a boat trying to escape

2017-11-06 11.10.55
A pirate ship

2017-11-06 11.12.06
A person holding a box and a person doing a headstand, plus a sink

2017-11-06 11.12.23
A pool, a turkey, a garden with flowers and a house

2017-11-06 11.13.43
A spaceship

2017-11-06 11.14.04
A person in a self-driving airplane, a car, and a playground

2017-11-06 11.14.49
A haunted island

2017-11-06 11.15.45
A beach and sand

2017-11-06 11.27.44
A tree w/ fall leaves and people jumping into leaf piles

2017-11-06 11.30.51
A tree with leaves

2017-11-06 11.29.09
Kids working on the simple machines kits

2017-11-06 11.31.15
A geode

2017-11-06 11.34.172017-11-06 11.34.33
A brick wall together and apart

2017-11-06 11.35.24

2017-11-06 11.39.342017-11-06 11.43.282017-11-06 11.48.10
A series of geodes

2017-11-06 11.47.53
A watermelon slice

2017-11-06 11.49.192017-11-06 11.49.09
The outside and inside of a watermelon

2017-11-06 11.50.062017-11-06 11.50.39
Outside and inside of a tower

2017-11-06 11.53.242017-11-06 11.53.41
A house exterior and interior


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