National Geographic Live! Standing at the Water’s Edge


This week we attended another wonderful lecture in the National Geographic series at Kauffman Center. This month’s lecture was called “Standing at the Water’s Edge” and was presented by photojournalist Cristina Mittermeier. Ms. Mittermeier presented photos and videos from her time with the KayapĆ³ people in the Amazon, the First Nations tribes in British Columbia who are working to protect their sacred headwaters, and a community of indigenous peoples in Hawaii. The photography was absolutely beautiful, and her message was very powerful, emphasizing the need for all of us to only use what we need of water, and to not waste this most precious of resources.

Many thanks to the Kauffman Center and to National Geographic for providing yet another amazing lecture! The National Geographic series is one of our group’s most popular events, and we look forward to next year!


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