January 2020 Lego Club Creations


Welcome to 2020! We started off the new year with a fresh theme (snow) and a fun team building project – story building! We put together a list of snowy ideas, then printed them off and put them into a grab bag. As the kids entered the room, they selected an idea from the bag and started building. They built some amazing creations from those small slips of paper! Kids who finished that project were challenged to work together as a team to build a story out of Legos. And of course, we had some renegade builders who built whatever came to mind. 🙂

Here are some of the creations:

A tree with birds


Brownie with whipped cream on top

Cake to celebrate 42 years of Lego minifigures

Antarctic Science Lab

Snow Angel



Night Sky in Winter

Snowy Tree

An Arrow Pointing Up



A chair

Lego house in Denmark that was burnt in a fire

Updated birthday cake with rockets




A maze

A house

Storybuilding – The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Storybuilding – A house that was burning and has black smoke

Storybuilding – Post-apocalyptic world with panther/scorpion, survival bunker, river, green monster and spooky tree

Storybuilding – Village life with houses, skating rink, fountains, docks with boats, helicopter & helipad, abstract statues and a skate stand


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