Membership Information

Interested in joining us? Our membership has grown so much that we are only able to accept referrals of new members from active members.

Interested in learning more about JoCo Homeschool? JoCo Homeschool has a calendar of registration required field trips and activities for group members, as well casual events like park dates. Members register for field trips and activities three times a year – July/August for fall events; October/November for spring events; and April/May for summer events. Families who join after the registration deadline are welcome to participate in park dates or other casual events that do not require registration. They are also welcome to register for individual activities that may be added to the calendar. Please note that most of our activities are scheduled on Wednesdays. All events with tickets or fees must be paid via PayPal.

No longer receiving the group emails? In an effort to better support our large number of active member families, inactive members who have not participated in at least one activity in the past six months will be removed from our mailing list.