November 2013 Lego Club Creations


Our November meeting celebrated both Thanksgiving and National Aviation Month.  The kids made an interesting array of flying vehicles that they would like to fly, and some very nice looking Thanksgiving tables for eating great foods!

For our mini build, we asked the kids to build something that said “Thanksgiving” to them – a turkey, a table laden with food, something they were thankful for.  Some kids decided to get started on their flying vehicles, which made for an interesting collection of creations!

The challenge build was to create a flying vehicle, and we saw helicopters, quadcopters, airplanes, flying houses, airplanes, space craft and more.  A few of the flying creations evolved into driving vehicles (all terrain vehicles were quite popular).  We put up the ramps to test out the driving and flying abilities.  We found that some of the flying vehicles “flew” pretty well going up the ramps, while others broke apart quite easily.

Mini Build – Thanksgiving (with a few flying vehicles scattered in!)

DSCN6290A house

DSCN6291A deck

DSCN6292A Thanksgiving table with turkey, salad and mashed potatoes

DSCN6293A Pilgrim

DSCN6294A Thanksgiving dinner with a turkey

DSCN6295A tree

DSCN6296A flying vehicle

DSCN6297A pie on a table

DSCN6299A turkey, a Thanksgiving table, and a pumpkin pie

DSCN6300A turkey

DSCN6301A sunset and a turkey leg

DSCN6302A Thanksgiving table

DSCN6303A moose

DSCN6304A Thanksgiving table with lots of yummy foods

DSCN6305An airplane

Challenge Build – Flying Vehicles

DSCN6307Flying house

DSCN6308Biplane with wing flaps

DSCN6309Van race car

DSCN6310USNC Enterprise mobile for space

DSCN6311Tank plane

DSCN6312Quadcopter with cameras and joysticks to drive it

DSCN6313All terrain vehicle that can flip

DSCN6314A chariot drawn by slaves

DSCN6315Another all terrain vehicle

DSCN6316“Brick” on wheels

DSCN6317Worldbot that can fly everywhere

DSCN6318An army plane

DSCN6320A flying house-car

DSCN6321A spaceship

We had a great time at this month’s meeting! Our next meeting is Friday, December 6. Hope to see you there!


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