Nelson-Atkins Fall 2016 Homeschool Day


This fall’s homeschool day at Nelson-Atkins Museum was lots of fun and full of people! Hundreds of homeschoolers gathered throughout the day on Friday to explore the theme of STEAM and to learn more about paint.

There were two classrooms set up with activities for the kids, plus a scavenger hunt through three galleries of the museum. One classroom was a black light room, with activities like black light drawing and a sensory table with fluorescent paint in bags that the kids could manipulate. The other classroom had tables where the kids could learn more about natural paint pigments or use egg tempera paint to create their own paintings, as well as watch a pendulum create art.


Using highlighters to create glow in the dark art

More glow in the dark creations

Glowing bags of paint made a fun sensory tool

Painting with egg tempera; plus a view of the natural pigments card

More egg tempera plus sharpies for detail

Another egg tempera creation

Looking for small details on the altarpiece in the medieval section

A big thank you to the museum staff and volunteers for another great homeschool day! We are excited to see what you have planned for spring!


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