2016 KinderKonzert


2016-02-09 09.55.08
Before the performance, as the orchestra was seating themselves


On Tuesday we attended the 2016 KinderKonzert performance by the Kansas City Symphony. This year’s program was “The Remarkable Farkle McBride” and was focused on symphonic stories. The music performed, including the namesake piece, showed students how music can tell a story through the instruments used, the way they are played, the speed of the music, and the techniques used. One favorite was Liadov’s “Baba Yaga” since it was very easy to hear the character of Baba Yaga cackling, flying and swooping around. Another popular piece was GrofĂ©’s “On the Trail” with its distinct Western sound and loping gait of the burro.

This year’s performance did a great job of engaging the students, from actor Alex Espy leading the children through various characters created by his “toy creation box” to the sing-along at the end of the program. And our group’s seats, right next to the orchestra, made it especially exciting for the kids.

2016-02-09 10.01.20
So close we could see the keys on the instruments!

Many thanks to the Kansas City Symphony for another wonderful program! We look forward to attending again next season!


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