Parks and Recreation Programs


Many local parks and recreation departments offer classes and events for homeschoolers, including art, gymnastics, swimming and nature programs.

Johnson County Park and Recreation
JCPRD is offering a series of art classes for homeschoolers, a nature program at Ernie Miller geared towards homeschooling families plus a NEW history series at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center. Contact JCPRD at 913-831-3355 with questions or to register.


Blue Valley Recreation
Blue Valley Rec is offering classes for homeschoolers. For more details, search the online catalog with the keyword “homeschool” or contact Blue Valley Rec directly at 913-685-6000.


Mahaffie Stagecoach
Mahaffie Stagecoach offers homeschool days in fall and spring.  More information is available here.


Prairie Park Nature Center in Lawrence
Prairie Park Nature Center in Lawrence offers homeschool field trips for kids ages 6 to 13. Time: 10AM-12 PM. Cost: $10. Homeschool science field trips are designed to provide a fun learning environment for home schooled science requirements. To learn more or to register, check out their website.

Four 2 hour field trips during each of the fall, winter and spring seasons combine inside instruction with outdoor, hands on interactive activities and outdoor explorations. These programs integrate scientific inquiry with math, geography, history and the arts. Skills based activities focus on observation, estimation, classification, and discrimination.
The typical program includes an instructional introduction using live animals, followed by interactive and outdoor activities(weather permitting), crafts and games.
Because of the need to prepare materials in advance, this is not a drop in program. Students may be pre-enrolled, or call to reserve a spot up from 1 to 7 days in advance.