National Haiku Day 2020


Since we are unable to meet in person due to the current pandemic, we are finding other ways to interact with each other. One way is via haiku poems to celebrate National Haiku Day 2020.

Here are poems that were sent in by some of our kids:

Mountain Goat
Standing tall on rock,
Thick soft white fur, hard black horns
Small beady black eyes

by Sophia W., age 10

The dog is growing
And growing from puppy to
Busy happy dog

by Elinor, age 9

Trees are in full bloom
Flowers sprouting here and there
Springtime has arrived

by ST, age 12

One-eyed Squirrel
Squirrel, one-eyed and
ready to pounce, climb, and steal
the delicious seeds

by Meredith, age 15

One-eyed squirrel


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