What’s in a mini build kit?


I was asked this earlier today, and wanted to show you what a mini build kit looks like.  We used a 100-piece kit, plus two building plates.  The entire kit fits into a great box by Iris ™ that is actually a 3″x5″ photo keeper box.  You can easily find them on Amazon or at hobby/craft stores like Hobby Lobby.  I especially like the Iris brand because you can buy a storage box that holds 12 boxes, and you can buy replacement boxes if you need them.  Enough about the case, let’s talk about the kit!

DSCN6063 DSCN6062

The mini build kit is full of small pieces, none larger than a 2×4 brick.

The brick breakdown:

1×1   22          1×2     36          1×3    6          1×4     4

2×2   22          2×3       4           2×4   6

The plates are sized 6×12 and 8×16.  We bought them in the Lego Education Large Building Plates kit (779286).  There are larger squares included, which we used during free building time.


The variety in the mini build kit gives the kids a chance to build a number of small creations, or one nicely sized one.  When some of the kids first got the mini build kits they looked concerned – “It’s so small!”  and “What could we build with this?” And then they got to building, and what great creations they built!  So though the size of the bricks is limited, the creative options are not.  Our Lego Club meeting from today definitely showed the variety!

This size of kit is perfect for challenge builds, theme builds, or just for free building time.  I can see a couple of these in suitcases for travel – just the right size for a hotel room, a layover at the airport, or for the kids to create with during that boring family event.  Or what about in a goody bag for birthday party guests?  Why not put together your own mini build kit and see what you can create?



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