July 2013 Lego Club Creations


July’s Lego Club had some really amazing creations! This month’s theme was “All About Summer.” With the heat outside, it was lots of fun to cool off indoors with some Lego building time.

Up first was our mini build. The kids all started with the same mini build kit, then built things that they like about summer.

After that we had our challenge build. This month’s challenge was a 2×2 challenge – each kid was given one square base plate and 30 2×2 bricks and built anything they wanted. There were some really inventive results, including some 2-D creations.

Then we had a team build focusing on parks and playhouses. Each table was given a Lego bin and let loose to build based on the theme. Definitely check out all the cool creations!

Mini Builds – All About Summer

DSCN6071Three creations that used every brick in the kit – Volcano and sun; Lake and sun; Mountain and house

DSCN6072Surfing and ice cream

DSCN6073A mini scale of Peter Pan at Theatre in the Park

DSCN6074A guy stranded on a deserted island with an alligator swimming towards him

DSCN6075Swimming in the pool

DSCN6076A flying duck plane

DSCN6077The bowling alley – a cool idea for a summer day!

DSCN6078A pool with a deep end and shallow end

DSCN6079A blackberry bush

DSCN6080A flower with roots

DSCN6081A pool plus a picnic table with ketchup, mustard and two glasses of water

DSCN6082A flower

DSCN6083A flower with a background; and a rainbow

DSCN6084A building by a swimming pool

DSCN6085A volcano and a fountain

DSCN6086A park with a statue, a river, a red flower, a seesaw and a bench for people

Challenge Build – 30 2x2s and a base plate

DSCN6087A rainbow pool with a diving board

DSCN6088Two dragons and one dragon egg

DSCN6089A picnic table

DSCN6090Lego sign

DSCN6091Santa Claus and an elf

DSCN6092A very big tower

DSCN6093A volcano with smoke on an island

DSCN6094A castle from Minecraft

DSCN6095A house on the grass with clouds and the sun

DSCN6096Two rainbow towers

DSCN6098A phone with a bull hooked on it

DSCN6099A lava pit with rocks and a dinosaur eating the lava

DSCN6100A parking lot with flowers

DSCN6101A kitty cat – how cute is this?

Team Build – Parks and Playhouses

DSCN6102A dragon theme park with a slide, jungle gym, stairs, swing and dragon

DSCN6103Swimming pool with diving board, slide and lifeguard

DSCN6104A pyramid with sand and water

DSCN6105A park with playhouse, fountain, bathroom, hand washing station, slide and swings

DSCN6106A bounce house and movie theatre

DSCN6107Water fountain from a park

DSCN6108A treehouse with a ladder and a platform

DSCN6110A playhouse with a zipline inside and a sliding pole, a pretend cafe and zigzag steps

DSCN6111The other side of the zipline playhouse

DSCN6112A park with a person on a swing

And after all that building, the kids enjoyed some free build time! Hope your summer includes some Lego fun!


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