April 2014 Lego Club Creations


April is Spring, and since it is National Garden Month, National Kite Month, and includes Arbor Day and Earth Day, this month’s mini kit creations were about nature and the outdoors. The kids built some incredible mini build creations!

April is also Zoo and Aquarium Month, and includes World Penguin Day, so for our theme build, the kids were asked to build their favorite zoo or aquarium exhibit. And yes, a few penguins made it into their zoos! The created exhibits were fun for all to see.

For their theme build, the kids continued on with the nature theme, and most of the kids chose to expand on their zoos, aquariums, and gardens, and continued expanding through into free build time. The kids had great time!

Mini Builds
DSCN6571Swimming Pool

DSCN6572Girl at the beach with sand castle with red flag and a whale spouting water and fish swimming

DSCN6573A garden with 2 flowers, 2 peas, 2 tomatoes, a fireplace fishing hole and a house with a bridge

DSCN6574A garden with tomato plants, a fountain, a water tower, and a hose that sprays water on the plants

DSCN6575A tree

DSCN6576A toad, a penguin, and a duck

DSCN6577A duck, a kid, a penguin, and a toad

DSCN6578A hotel with a pool and a kite

DSCN6579Penguins and fish, a fountain with flowers, a kite, and a cross

DSCN6580Happy 3rd Birthday!

DSCN6581A park with 3 people, a waterfall, and bushes

Theme and Challenge Build

DSCN6583Bushes, a tree, and a bug car that takes people through the nature park

DSCN6584A giraffe eating leaves from the tree, 2 tomato plants, a waterfall, a farmer’s house, a lake, and a water hose

DSCN6585An aquarium with a toad, a duck, a glass wall, and people

DSCN6591An aquarium with fish food and a person looking through the glass window

DSCN6588The full aquarium

DSCN6589A zoo with a zebra, a giraffe, a clown fish, and a hotel with a pool


DSCN6593A zoo with a lion, snakes, a bear, a beehive, and deer, an aquarium with fish and coral, and a farmer and apple tree

DSCN6595A safari park with control tower and tunnel, plane satellites, a cross, an aquarium with penguins and a fountain

DSCN6597A house, a tree with ladder, a garden with carrots, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and peppers, stepping stones, and scrubs

DSCN6599A shed, a bridge, mushrooms, tomato plants, and a house for the farmer

DSCN6600A tree, a park shelter with a bench, logs to sit on while you fish, and a swan

DSCN6601A Secret Garden

DSCN6602A house

DSCN6603Another house


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