May 2014 Lego Club Creations


To start off Lego Club this month, the kids showed off their own creations they brought from home. There were some awesome creations!

After that, the kids grabbed their mini-build kits and started in on their May themed builds. Besides Space Day and Astronomy Week, May is also Flower Month, National Bike Month, Physical Fitness Month, and contains Mother’s Day, Windmills Day, May Day, Circus Day, and World Turtle Day.

Then, everyone was given two scoops of blocks and told to launch their rocket creations into space! Finally, the theme build was Rockets and Rovers, and there were rovers rolling all over the place! The kids had fun testing out their designs on the ramps. The designs were being modified and tested so fast, it was hard to get pictures of them all.

Lego Club will be moving to Friday for the summer. Next month’s Lego Club is Friday, June 6th. Hope to see you next month!

Bring Your Creation
DSCN6608Empire – Magic, Dragons, Myth Temple, Creature, Water Dragon, Electric Dragon, Controllable Flames

DSCN6611Liza’s Happy Land

DSCN6612Destroyed Robot

DSCN6613Person with Death Claw and rockets that blast off

DSCN6614Castle with drawbridge that works and a catapult

DSCN6615Waterfall that opens up to a secret room

DSCN6617Ninjago Airplane

DSCN6618Flying Car/Spaceship

DSCN6619Weapon that shoots and can fold up

DSCN6620Mr. NoFace

DSCN6621Drive up Pet Grooming

DSCN6622Person with a horse carrying supplies

Mini Builds

DSCN6623Bike Repair Shop



DSCN6626Spaceship with landing pad

DSCN6628Turtle with Feeding Trough


DSCN6630Solar System

DSCN6632Dragons and a Sea Turtle with Clouds

DSCN6633Turtle with lettuce, a cloud, and a lake

DSCN6634Turtle Island


Theme Builds – Rockets and Rovers










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