Nate the Great at TYA


Nate the Great

Friday morning we attended a performance of “Nate the Great” by Theatre for Young America at Union Station. The TYA actors did a wonderful job of bringing Marjorie Sharmat’s books to life on stage. If you have not read the books, they are an excellent younger reader series about Nate (the Great) and his adventures as a detective in his city neighborhood. The diversity of characters and adventures keeps the series entertaining, and the script for the stage version did a great job of expressing the humor and fun of the books. Some of the kids were interested in how a simple change of costume and wig allowed the actors to switch between characters, while others were more interested in whether the pancakes consumed on stage were real (they were).

All in all, it was a great performance of a wonderful series for younger readers, and we look forward to upcoming events (Charlotte’s Web, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake) at TYA!


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