Missouri Town 1855




Recently we visited Missouri Town on a field trip.  We were gathered together to watch a short introductory video of the site.  It was such a well-done video!  It moved quickly and with easy segues, and kept even our youngest children’s attention throughout.  It was clear and easy to understand, and a great way to start our field trip.

Out tour then led us to the blacksmith shop. The blacksmith gave an informational lecture on the life and times of the period.  He presented questions and answers about specific blacksmith related information and about the details of life in a Missouri town in 1855.  He discussed the barter system, and what an apprentice might do.  He showed us how iron got soft, and made a kettle hook while we watched.

The group was then free to explore the grounds.  We saw pigs, free-roaming sheep, and chickens.  Most of the buildings located on the grounds were found within 70 miles of the current location.   They largely date from the 1820s through the 1850s.   Each building was dismantled from its original location, and re-assembled on the Missouri Town grounds.

One structure we viewed was the tavern.  This was the largest and oldest structure in the town.   it was largely used as a bed and breakfast, with all the men rooming in one room with a tub and mattresses, and the women and children rooming in the other room.  Other buildings we saw included a law office, a settler’s house, a cross shaped baptist church, and a herb garden.  The grounds were quaint and spread out.

The volunteers were dressed in 1850’s attire.  They filled in some facts, and answered many questions.  Some of the children in our group helped do a few loops on a rag rug that one volunteer was making.  Another volunteer informed us about how often an 1850’s townsperson would bathe, which was once every month or two.

Afterwards, some of us headed across the road to the native hoofed animal enclosure and fed the bison and elk apple slices and carrots through the fence.

All in all, it was a lovely day with spectacular weather and we learned a  lot of new things at Missouri Town.

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Photos courtesy of C.A. and blog post entries guest-posted by C.A. and A.P.  Thanks so much!


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