Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art Tour



Today we visited the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art on the Johnson County Community College campus. This museum is a hidden jewel in the heart of Johnson County, and worth the visit. The museum is filled with a variety of contemporary art, from paintings to sculpture, photographs to mixed media, created by local, regional and international artists. There is even a gallery dedicated to Kansas artists that is worth a look – the diorama photographs on display are especially detailed and were intriguing to the children.

The docents did a nice job of talking to the kids and getting them to talk about and think about art – whether the shapes were organic or geometric; if the art displayed texture; how the colors looked on the art and whether or not the color was solid or variegated; and so on. It was a good way to get the kids to really focus on the art and to consider what each artist was trying to say or display.

Overall, this was a wonderful first visit to the museum. Many thanks to the coordinator and our wonderful docents for making us feel welcome and for working to provide such a nice tour!


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