Stinky Cheese Man at Paul Mesner Puppets


Stinky Cheese Man

Today we attended “The Stinky Cheese Man” at Paul Mesner Puppets. This performance was full of the humor and sideways storytelling of the book, from the oversized Title Page to the supersized giant in the never-ending “Jack’s Story”, the disgruntled wolf and Little Red Running Shorts to the obnoxious (but delicious!) Little Red Hen and her loaf of bread. The talented puppeteers, Mike Horner and Marcus Mull, used a variety of puppets – rod, hand and a blow-up puppet made out of parachute material – to make jokes and tell the stories in a way that kept the kids interested and laughing throughout.

Thanks to Paul Mesner Puppets for a fun performance, and we look forward to attending again soon!


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