April 2016 Lego Club Creations


2016-04-04 11.49.54 large copy

Today at our Lego Club meeting we explored April themes, tried out a new kind of challenge, and had a team build to create what became an amazing park, aquarium and zoo combination!

For our mini build, the kids were given some April themes for ideas – Earth Day, kites, zoos and aquariums, the ocean, parks and playgrounds, and April Fool’s Day. From there, they started building. After our mini build, the kids were given a new challenge – build in a bag. Each kid received a sandwich bag containing six bricks, and were challenged to build a small duck from those bricks, but without opening the bag. The race was on, and the kids had a great time building the ducks. We then did the same challenge with an eight brick bag that built a dog (or a horse, if you switched the bricks around). The kids had so much fun with this challenge – it will definitely be a regular activity!

Once we built our flock of ducks and our kennel of dogs, we moved on to the team build. The kids were divided by tables, and were given the task of working with their tablemates to build a park, zoo, aquarium or combination. They worked very hard and built quite diligently, and there were some amazing creations built as a team!

Take a look at some of the creations the kids made this morning:

2016-04-04 10.45.17
A garden with the sun and a cloud

2016-04-04 10.46.21
A starship and two asteroids

2016-04-04 10.46.44
The word NO

2016-04-04 10.48.04
A refrigerator

2016-04-04 10.48.53
An alligator and a polar bear

2016-04-04 10.49.47
A lock holding water for ships and boats

2016-04-04 10.53.56
A holocron from Star Wars

Challenge Build – Build in a Bag, twice!

2016-04-04 16.14.26
These six bricks

2016-04-04 16.15.37
put into a bag

2016-04-04 10.57.51
in the hands of a Lego-loving kid

2016-04-04 10.58.32
becomes a duck!

2016-04-04 16.13.25
And these eight bricks

2016-04-04 11.05.51
become a dog!

2016-04-04 11.30.59
Our flock of Lego ducks

2016-04-04 11.31.04
And our kennel of Lego dogs

Team Build – Parks, Zoos and Aquariums

2016-04-04 11.04.19
A Red Sox game

2016-04-04 11.28.08
A zoo with a bird on a house, a giraffe, and an alligator in water

2016-04-04 11.40.50
A thorny devil lizard in a cave in the desert

2016-04-04 11.42.01
A pond with ducks and fish, plus one duck on the land

2016-04-04 11.45.14
A zoo in front with a food place, rattlesnakes, and sharks; in the back is the Red Sox game, and they are winning

2016-04-04 11.46.23
A swimming pool

2016-04-04 11.48.04
Minecraft – fighting Herobrine in a secret base

2016-04-04 11.49.54
The entire park, zoo and aquarium complex

2016-04-04 11.50.15
Close-up of the left side

2016-04-04 11.50.40
Close-up of the right side

2016-04-04 11.54.55
A flock of ducks riding a kennel of dogs 😉

Happy building!


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