December 2013 Lego Club Creations


For our December meeting, we explored winter themes. We also had the kids bring in a creation that they built at home with their own Legos. As usual, we had all kinds of wonderful builds!

The kids built their favorite part of winter for the mini build. Some kids went for cozy ideas like fireplaces and Christmas trees, while others built models of sledding and snow forts. We even had a few snowy animals and a snow monster or three!

The challenge build was a two-scoop challenge. The kids were given two scoops of bricks (multi-colored and white) and told to create a vehicle, an animal or imaginary creature that lives in the snow. From sleds to snow-floating vehicles, snow monsters to all kinds of animals, and some great snow buildings (and an amazing ice castle!) we had all kinds of creativity on display!

Our theme build was actually a team build. Each kid was given a base plate and access to all the brick bins and told to create a piece of a winter diorama. All together, it was a pretty amazing terrain.

Bring a Creation!

DSCN6326A castle with a jail, a trapdoor and lights

DSCN6327Pagani Huaryia

DSCN6329A park with trees, people and a VW van

DSCN6330A dinosaur

DSCN6331An airplane

DSCN6332A hover tank

DSCN6333 An alien capturing an enemy

DSCN6334A 6-wheeler for Captain America with a shield holder on the side

DSCN6335A vehicle that drives on the ice

DSCN6336A boat that can turn into an airplane

DSCN6337A tree with a lamp, an umbrella table and a mailbox

DSCN6339A mini jet/war plane that blows bombs and has a ninja driver

Mini Build – Favorite Part of Winter

DSCN6343A fireplace and comfy sofa

DSCN6344A sled and snow

DSCN6345Snow monster

DSCN6346A snow monster fighting Big Foot

DSCN6347A mountain with snow on top, a rabbit hideout and a hill with snow

DSCN6348A team built minecraft view of a snow mountain on one side and a village on the other

DSCN6349A mother polar bear and a baby polar bear catching a fish

DSCN6350A Christmas tree with presents

DSCN6351A sleigh

DSCN6352A snow monster and a little guy with treasure

DSCN6353A pair of snow forts

DSCN6354A Christmas tree with presents

DSCN6355A person and a Christmas tree

DSCN6356“Suicide Hill” – a local favorite for sledding; presents

DSCN6357A fireplace

Challenge Build – Winter/Snow Vehicle, Animal or Imaginary Creature

DSCN6358A vehicle that can float over the snow and holds 3 people

DSCN6359A sled

DSCN6360Three snow creatures

DSCN6361A snow monster with its arms up

DSCN6362A snow sword

DSCN6363An igloo with blue snow coming out of the chimney

DSCN6364A reindeer eating a Christmas tree, and a fox

DSCN6365A plane that flies in the snow

DSCN6366A fox – look at the awesome detail on the tail!

DSCN6367A snow monster with a tail

DSCN6369A snow monster

DSCN6370A creeper from Minecraft

DSCN6371An iceberg

DSCN6372An ice castle

Theme Build – Winter Dioramas

DSCN6374A fox, a Christmas tree, the North Pole, and a bunny in a burrow

DSCN6376A snow monster and a baby snow monster

DSCN6377A yeti with a pet penguin, a tree, a fox and a bunny

DSCN6378The Titanic sinking

DSCN6379A forest with an axe and a sled

DSCN6380A gateway to a mountain

DSCN6381A yeti in a cage

DSCN6382A pet shop with animal cages and giant fox

DSCN6383A white snow house

DSCN6384A gingerbread house

DSCN6385A snowplow and an ice skate

DSCN6386An ice castle doll house

DSCN6388A snow dragon

Our Winter Terrain


Our next meeting is Friday, January 10. We hope to see you there!


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