July 2014 Lego Club Creations


Our July meeting was a celebration of summer and we enjoyed lots of free building time.

July has all kinds of fun holidays – 4th of July, Circus Celebration Day for P. T. Barnum’s birthday, International Joke Day, Moon Day, plus it is National Hot Dog Month, Ice Cream Month, and Baked Bean Month – perfect for a month of outside time and cookouts.

As usual, our mini builds were all about July, and the kids had a great time building their favorite July things. Our theme build was based on outdoor fun – parks, pools and playtime, and segued into our free building time. One group of kids used the free build time to play their own game of Brick by Brick (and built a wonderful Lego town), while others built their own amazing houses, beaches and campsites.

Our next Lego Club meeting is Friday, August 8, and meeting dates through February are listed on our Lego Club Meetings page. Hope to see you there!

Mini Builds
DSCN6738Grasslands, Mountains, Clouds, Thick Forest, and Huge Skyscraper

DSCN6739Town with people underground for mining, Sky, Fireplace

DSCN6740Swimming Pool with Diving Board

DSCN6741Water Fountain and American Flag

DSCN6742Circus trapeze, Door with bucket of water trick, American Flag, Popsicle and Ice Cream,Hot Dog, Pool, the Moon, Baked Beans

DSCN6743Hot Dog and American Flag

DSCN6744Square Watermelon, Swing Set, Ice Cream Cone, American Flag

DSCN6745Hot Dog


DSCN6747Dude Sitting on a Bench in the Grass

DSCN6748American Flag

DSCN6749Swimming Pool with Diving Board, People Swimming and Floating

DSCN6750Beach, Seaweed around the Water, Shells and Seaweed on the Shore, Cactus in the Desert, Tumbleweeds

DSCN6751Fireworks, Pool, and Swing Set

DSCN6752Bald Eagle

Theme Builds and Free Builds
DSCN6753Swimming Pool with People Swimming

DSCN6754Swimmer Swimming in the Lanes

DSCN6755Garden with Swimming Pool, Two Trees

DSCN6756Hotel with Check-in and Roof Pool


DSCN6759Car with Feet

DSCN6760Crazy Town – Brick by Brick

DSCN6758Beach with Palm Trees, Umbrella, Person Surfing

DSCN6762House with Kitchen, Bedroom, Window Seat


DSCN6764House with an Attic


DSCN6766American Flags, Harry Potter, House, Pool with Lifeguards and People Swimming, Staircase with Flags, Restaurant

DSCN6767House, Minecraft People, Lawnmower

DSCN6768House with Handle to Remove the Roof (1)

DSCN6769House with Handle to Remove the Roof (2)

DSCN6770House with Handle to Remove the Roof (3)


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