August 2015 Lego Club Creations


2015-08-03 10.04.41

Monday we jumped back in to Lego Club and all kinds of awesome creations! While on break, we added some new specialty pieces to the bins, and also bought some simple machines project kits. The kids really enjoyed exploring the new bricks and sets!

For our mini build, we had some August themes: Family Fun Month, Watermelon Day, Waffle Day, S’Mores Day, Sand Castle Day, Perseid Meteor Shower, and the monarch butterfly migration. We saw a variety of creative builds from those themes. Our challenge build was mazes and machines. Kids were encouraged to build a maze and run a nano bug through it, while some of the older kids started on our year-long exploration of the simple machines project kits. We also had a great time with free building. The kids were so busy building and re-building that we only have a few pictures. Take a look at some of what the kids created!

2015-08-03 09.31.12Watermelon

2015-08-03 09.31.31Watermelon slice

2015-08-03 09.27.47A broken down building

2015-08-03 09.32.26A maze

2015-08-03 09.33.08Designs

2015-08-03 09.36.49A person on a raft floating in a lake

2015-08-03 09.45.40Swimming pool with a diving board, a baby area with sand, and a slide to the pool

2015-08-03 09.50.26A pool – big pool with diving board, walkway, umbrella, marty pool with sand, and a baby pool with spray towers

2015-08-03 09.54.33A giant sandwich

2015-08-03 10.06.13A waffle

2015-08-03 10.10.41A bonfire and roasting marshmallows

2015-08-03 10.14.25A robot knight with a creeper face and Minion cows

2015-08-03 10.20.20An elevator in a lobby

2015-08-03 10.20.44And the apartment the elevator goes to

2015-08-03 10.29.58A pirate ship

2015-08-03 10.16.53One of the nano bug mazes with green nano bug

2015-08-03 10.15.16A Lego coloring page by one of the younger siblings

Simple Machines Projects – Gears
2015-08-03 09.28.38Merry go round

2015-08-03 09.29.45Popcorn cart with rotating sign

2015-08-03 09.35.40Another merry go round completed!

2015-08-03 09.36.14A third merry go round – all the kids were so proud they completed the project!

2015-08-03 10.04.41A catapult

Thanks to all of our Lego Club families who make the meetings so much fun each month!

Happy building!


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  1. Carmelle
    August 7, 2015 at 11:39 am

    Wow! These are all so inventive!

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