September 2015 Lego Club Creations


Though it was the last day of August, we celebrated our September meeting with some fun building! Our mini build theme was All About Fall – leaves, apples, harvests and bonfires. After the mini build, the kids were challenged to make a team and build a city, village or structures to go into a city or village. And of course, we had a nice free building time. Here is some of what the kids built:

2015-08-31 09.40.04Mountain landscape


2015-08-31 09.40.47Rainbow flag


2015-08-31 10.02.23Bonfire and apple tree


2015-08-31 10.03.18A group of imaginary creatures – a lotad (creature that looks like a lilypad) made out of lava and rock; a shiny charisard, a ground on and a grovel.


2015-08-31 10.05.49Some art and a striped snake


2015-08-31 10.06.46A striped snake and a waterfall


2015-08-31 10.13.03Busy building and creating!


2015-08-31 10.15.41A five story building


2015-08-31 10.27.31A merry go round from the simple machines kits


2015-08-31 10.39.56A robot with laser guns, and the robot is also a house


2015-08-31 10.46.42A house


2015-08-31 10.47.12A Minecraft house


2015-08-31 10.47.32A house


2015-08-31 10.48.26A castle and an Eskimo village


2015-08-31 10.48.59A helicopter



2015-08-31 10.49.20A meerkat house that has sun and shade


2015-08-31 10.49.39A rainbow house with a yellow TV


2015-08-31 10.50.45A castle with Godzilla and a dragon


2015-08-31 10.52.07A two story house


2015-08-31 10.52.12A gift with a bow on top


Happy building!


1 comment for “September 2015 Lego Club Creations

  1. Carmelle
    October 7, 2015 at 9:36 am

    It’s fun seeing all the creations!

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