Toy and Miniature Museum Tour


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On November 18th we toured the recently remodeled National Toy and Miniature Museum. The museum has a wonderful collection of toys from the past through to recent times.

Our tour began in the miniatures, which we learned are not toys, but collectibles, some of which requires months of work to complete and can be expensive. Many of these miniatures were 1:12 scale, meaning one inch on the miniature is equal to one foot in real life. This scale made it possible to see the fine details the miniature artists created.

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There was also a dollhouse that was 1:48 scale, and the furniture was impressive in its detail and its extremely small size!

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After viewing the miniatures, we moved upstairs to the toy section. The kids were able to see toys that their parents, grandparents and probably even great-grandparents had played with as children.

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We also toured the current exhibit of pedal cars – there were so many beautiful examples, and it was hard to believe that they were children’s toys!

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After our tour, families were welcome to explore the museum. Some of the kids busied themselves at the decoder station, while others worked on beating the marble maze game.

The Toy and Miniature Museum is a great museum to bring the whole family to visit, especially parents and grandparents who will be excited to show off the toys they had (and some they may have wanted!).

Thanks to the museum for a great tour!


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