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On Tuesday we went to the Kauffman Center for a National Geographic lecture called “On the Trail of the Big Cats” given by famed wildlife photographer Steve Winter. Winter has been a photographer for National Geographic for over 25 years, and has dedicated his career to capturing pictures of the most elusive, and oftentimes endangered, big cats. His work has also helped to protect these amazing animals through donations to projects, conservation and protection of land, awareness of poaching problems, and even changes in legislation.

Steve Winter is an engaging speaker, and the kids were enthralled from the very beginning. He interspersed his stories of tracking several types of big cats with short video clips and examples of his photography, both humorous and award-winning. From camping for six months in -30*F in the Himalayas to get pictures of snow leopards, to his close encounters in the Latin American jungle with jaguars, getting charged by rhinos while photographing lions, navigating the urban jungle of Los Angeles to get a memorable photograph of the American cougar, to the playful antics of tigers swimming in a watering hole or playing with a robotic camera, Mr. Winter provided an exciting look at his life as a wildlife photographer. He also gave the kids an inside view of the lives that these animals lead, and some simple ways that we can help protect these majestic and amazing creatures.

You can learn more about the Big Cats Initiative on the National Geographic website.

Thanks so much to the Kauffman Center for providing this wonderful opportunity to learn more about big cats, and about wildlife photography from one of the experts in the field! And thank you to Mr. Winter for his incredible lecture – we learned so much and really enjoyed ourselves!


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