Police Station Tour


2016-08-17 11.02.30

Today we toured the police station and learned about how police officers help our community.

We started our tour in the training room where our guide, Officer Castle, told us about all the different rooms that are used at the station. He also showed us all the different equipment that officers wear on their belts or as part of their uniform, such as flashlights, radios, tasers, body cameras, bulletproof vests, handcuffs, and an extendable baton called an asp. We learned about the different kinds of jobs that different police officers have, like patrol officers, detectives and crime lab scientists. Officer Castle told us about the different kinds of evidence that police can collect if there is a crime, and how much research goes into finding and prosecuting criminals.

We then headed downstairs to see the evidence lockers, and to view the holding cells with their concrete “beds” and simple toilets. The kids agreed that the holding cells are not built for comfort. We also visited the squad room to learn about how the radar/laser guns work to pinpoint people speeding on the roads.

From there we headed outside to explore the police car. Each kid had a chance to climb into the front and back seat, to try out the driver’s seat, and to run the sirens.

Many thanks to Officer Castle and Officer Morris for leading us through the station tour! We had a great time and learned so much about the work that police do to help our community.

2016-08-17 10.28.34
Officer Castle telling us about the various tools that police officers carry with them – this is a taser

2016-08-17 10.03.51
Listening to Officer Castle explain the different jobs that police officers have and how they work together

2016-08-17 10.45.48
A holding cell “bed” – none of the comforts of home!

2016-08-17 11.55.48
Heading into the squad room

2016-08-17 10.50.29
Radar and laser guns used to catch people speeding in traffic

2016-08-17 11.00.45
Checking out the interior of the police car

Each kid had a chance to try out the siren – it is very loud!

Again, we say thank you to the Mission Police Department for a great field trip!