Fire Station Tour


2016-08-10 10.34.42

Today we had a great field trip to the fire station!

During our visit we saw where the firefighters work, eat, sleep and relax when they are at the station. We talked about fire safety tips like using smoke detectors and checking them regularly, having a meeting place at the front of your house in case of fire, and how to stop/drop/roll if you do catch fire. We also learned about the training and education required to become a firefighter.

Out in the bay of the station, the kids took turns going through the cab of the firetruck and viewed the different compartments that hold the supplies needed to fight fires, rescue people and save lives. We saw the complicated looking control panel for all the hoses. We learned how the firefighters prepare for fires and other emergencies by keeping their trucks fully stocked with supplies, inspected to make sure that everything is in working order, gassed and ready to drive. We also saw some of the tools that firefighters use, including the multi-purpose Halligan bar as well as the “jaws of life” used to rescue people from car accidents.

The firefighters who led our tour did a great job of answering all kinds of questions from the kids (and parents too!). We asked questions about the protective equipment that a firefighter wears, and learned how much time they have to put it on (one minute during the day, one and a half minutes at night), and how much the equipment weighs (around 45 pounds!). One of the firefighters put on all the pieces of protective equipment to show us how they needed to have all of their skin covered and protected. We also asked about the cost of a firetruck and were amazed to find out that one cost over $600,000 and another one cost $1.2 million, and that is without any supplies inside – wow!

The kids really enjoyed themselves on today’s field trip, and learned so much about how firefighters help our community. Many thanks to Station 21’s firefighters for leading us on a wonderful field trip!

2016-08-10 10.18.02
Learning about the oxygen tanks used by firefighters

2016-08-10 10.21.08
The control panel for the hoses

2016-08-10 10.24.31
Equipment stored in the truck

2016-08-10 10.24.41
The locker on the truck where the driver keeps their protective gear

2016-08-10 10.26.13
More of the equipment used by the firefighters

2016-08-10 10.26.54
Checking out the hoses on the truck

2016-08-10 10.29.48
Some of the tools firefighters use

2016-08-10 10.29.58
Including the Halligan bar

2016-08-10 10.44.54
And the jaws of life

2016-08-10 10.31.35
Medical equipment bags, including a defibrillator

Again, a big “thank you!” to the firefighters at Station 21 for an exciting and educational field trip! We had a great morning at the fire station!