Georgie and the Noisy Ghost at Paul Mesner Puppets


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This Wednesday we went to Paul Mesner Puppets to watch their performance of Georgie and the Noisy Ghost. This marionette performance was a great way to celebrate Halloween, especially for the younger kids. It is the sweet story of a friendly ghost named Georgie and the family that he (gently!) haunts. The adventure began when the family went on vacation to the seaside and met a noisy ghost who lived in the house. While initially the noisy ghost was a nuisance to the family, by the end of the story he was a welcome presence in the house.

The puppeteers did a wonderful job of bringing the different characters to life on stage. And they did a great job of answering the kids’ questions after the performance. We learned about the different kids of puppets used in the performance, and how the puppeteers move them around the stage. We saw how some of the special effects noises were made, and how each puppet is created multiple times, once for each outfit that it wears. The kids also learned how to make their own ghost puppet with the available puppet kits.

We had a fun time at the puppet show, and look forward to future visits!


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