Amazing Species at Prairie Fire


Museum at Prairie Fire

We met at the Museum at Prairie Fire on the 24th to view their newest exhibit, Amazing Species, and to explore the Discovery Room. The Amazing Species exhibit shows the adaptations of creatures throughout millennia as they adapted to some of the harshest environments in the world, such as extreme heat, extreme cold, high altitudes and the depths of the ocean. The exhibit had different hands on activities that helped the kids better understand these adaptations. It also had two tanks showcasing animals uniquely adapted to their natural environment – axolotls and seahorses. We had fun watching the museum staff feed them during our visit!

Building a model of a dinosaur’s foot

On an indoor dig

Fitting bones to the dinosaur skeleton

Building a giant bug

An oversized model of a tardigrade in the Amazing Species exhibit

Learning about animal adaptations via the introductory film

Feeding time for the axolotls

The seahorse tank

Thanks to the Museum at Prairie Fire for making our tour go smoothly – we had a great time on our visit.


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