Teacher from the Black Lagoon at Folly Theater


Folly Theater

On Monday we went to the Folly Theater for a showing of “Teacher from the Black Lagoon and Other Stories” performed by Theatreworks USA. This musical story time contained seven different books – “Teacher from the Black Lagoon” by Thaler; “Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse” by Henkes; “Dogzilla” by Pilkey; “Grumpy Bird” by Tankard; “I Want My Hat Back” by Klassen; “Love, Splat” by Scotton; and “The Ant and the Grasshopper” by Aesop. (All these great stories are currently available at the JoCo Library!)

The kids and parents enjoyed the retellings full of songs and dances by the cast. The four actors rotated through their roles throughout the entire show, keeping a good pace that held the kids’ interest and created excitement. The simple background plus only using chairs for the main props allowed the kids to use their imagination to fill in the story, much as they do when reading a book. The retellings did a great job of keeping the feel of each story, without overtly reading it out to the audience. Overall, the show was lots of fun, and the cast did a great job.

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On top of the great show, we also had amazing seats!

Many thanks to the Folly Theater for arranging this wonderful performance and to Theatreworks for a fun show. We are looking forward to attending next year’s shows at the Folly Theater!


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