World’s Largest Dinosaurs at Museum at Prairie Fire


2017-06-09 10.07.08

We visited the Museum at Prairie Fire to view their latest exhibition, “The World’s Largest Dinosaurs” which is all about sauropods and how they lived on the earth for 140 million years. The exhibition had a number of hands-on activities to involve the kids, and lots of great facts for learning more about how sauropods lived and thrived for so long.

2017-06-09 10.09.49

“Excavating” dinosaur bones in the exhibit
2017-06-09 10.26.35

Trying to reach from one dinosaur footprint to another
2017-06-09 10.34.52

Comparing a kid size 12 foot to a sauropod footprint – you could fit lots of kid feet into that footprint!
2017-06-09 10.36.45

A femur is taller than a kid!
2017-06-09 10.45.07

After touring the exhibition, we explored the Discovery Room, which is always popular.

Using a computer-powered microscope to get a closer look.
2017-06-09 11.30.42

Reconstructing a dinosaur foot
2017-06-09 11.34.31

Meeting a cockroach
2017-06-09 11.42.41

On a dinosaur dig
2017-06-09 11.51.42

Trying out masks from the museum’s collection:

Gas mask
2017-06-09 11.47.12

Plague mask
2017-06-09 11.49.28

Wooden mask
2017-06-09 11.49.56

We had a great time at the museum, and look forward to visiting Beyond Planet Earth when it arrives this fall!


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