December 2017 Lego Club Creations


We celebrated December with Legos! We started our meeting with mini builds focused on toys, games, favorite books and movies, and snow! After we settled in, we focused on creating a winter-themed village and free building time.

Here are some of the kids’ creations:

2017-12-04 11.08.42
Igloo with a Christmas tree, a well and a baby

2017-12-04 11.11.17
Christmas tree with a star on top

2017-12-04 11.11.33

2017-12-04 11.11.41
Stairs at Disneyland – the middle ones are real and the side ones are fake

2017-12-04 11.12.27
A laser pointer

2017-12-04 11.13.09

2017-12-04 11.14.11
A candy cane

2017-12-04 11.14.44
A Christmas tree and candy canes

2017-12-04 11.14.50
A guy named John flying an airplane

2017-12-04 11.26.48
A house with a fireplace and two candy canes

2017-12-04 11.48.36
A water plane

2017-12-04 11.49.24
A house

2017-12-04 11.50.31
A wintry village

2017-12-04 11.52.01
More winter village

2017-12-04 11.52.522017-12-04 11.53.01
A gingerbread house front and back

2017-12-04 11.56.02
The Big Banana (a boat) and a forbidden/forgotten snow palace


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