January 2018 Game Club


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We had another fun Game Club meeting this month, with a variety of old and new games. Here is a list of the games that we played:

Catan Junior – A great introduction to Catan for the younger crowd, with the added bonus of pirates and parrots! This is played on islands, each with a specific resource. Players start by building hideouts and ships, then work to get resources by rolling the dice and trading as necessary. The goal is to control seven pirate hideouts. Recommended for ages 5+.

Go Nuts for Donuts – In Go Nuts for Donuts, players use cards to collect sets, unique and powerful donuts, and pairs of donuts to maximize points. The game is easy to learn, and fun for 4-5 players, as well as being a great chat & play game. On top of that, the artwork is absolutely adorable. If you like the game Sushi Go!, you will enjoy this game. Great for kids 6+, and fun for adults as well.

Marble Run – A fun game for kids who love building and kinesthetic games. A perennial favorite for all ages.

Roller Coaster Challenge – A great single-player game for kids who like to build things, or anyone who enjoys the classic game of Mousetrap. In this game, players build their own roller coaster. Players draw cards and set up the game pieces to match the roller coaster pictured. They then use the remaining pieces to build a working roller coaster. The best part is when you run your roller coaster car down the track! Recommended for ages 6+.

Sequence for Kids – This is a kids’ version of the traditional Sequence game, but with animals on the board instead of standard playing cards. The game’s adorable animals appeal to younger kids, while older kids and adults can employ strategy to win. This game is easy to understand, can be played quickly, but still feels like a “real” game. We have had lots of fun with diverse ages playing this game, though it is technically geared towards ages 3-6.

Slamwich – Fun card slapping game that is great for memory practice. Cards feature various sandwich foods, as well as thieves and munchers. Players take turns playing their cards; if they create a “sandwich” and slap the stack, they win all the cards in the stack. If you are out of cards, you are out of the game. First person to win all the cards wins the game. This can become raucous, but lots of fun for kids and adults. Recommended for ages 6+, though younger kids can easily play the game.

Splendor – Become a Renaissance merchant trying to buy gems, mines, transportation, and shops in order to acquire the most prestige, and hopefully catch the eye of a noble! This simple, engine building game is a great for beginners and can be learned in less than five minutes. Reach 15 prestige points and you win! Recommended for ages 10+ though younger kids can learn quickly.

Takenoko – The emperor has very specific plans for his imperial gardens, but his gardener and his pet panda have very different ideas of how that should be done. In this game, you build the garden, help the gardener grow bamboo, and help the panda eat it too! Accomplish your individual goals and please the emperor, and you win the game. Recommended for 10+.

Unicorn Glitterluck: Party for Rosalie – As cute as the original Unicorn Glitterluck game, this new version adds a new unicorn and a party to welcome her! Little kids like the artwork and the ease of playing; parents will enjoy that the complete game can be played in about 20 minutes. For ages 4+.


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