The Young King at JCCC


image courtesy of Johnson County Community College website

We were privileged to attend the beautiful performance of “The Young King” at Johnson County Community College performed by Slingsby Theatre from Australia. This play is based on a story by Oscar Wilde and was adapted for the stage by Nicki Bloom.

The performance was wonderfully engaging, starting with the audience creating their own crowns to wear, presenting gifts to the young king, and being included in the performance at various points. The mixture of acting and shadow puppetry, as well as the delicate way the themes of privilege, compassion and ethical decision-making were blended together in the play made for an awe-inspiring and emotionally moving performance. The kids were quiet and contemplative when we left the theatre, so we know the performance made a big impression on them.

A sincere “thank you” to the Carlsen Center and Slingsby Theatre for this amazing performance – we had a wonderful time!


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