August 2013 Lego Club Creations


We all had a great time at August’s Lego Club. Our theme this month was Aquatic Life/Ships & Boats, and the kids built some amazing creations!

As usual, each kid started with the same mini build kit, and then built based on that theme. After that, we had our Challenge Build. This month we did a 2-4-6-8 challenge. All of our bricks were divisible by 2. The kids received identical kits of bricks:

  • 16   2×1 bricks
  • 10   2×2 bricks
  • 14   2×3 bricks
  • 12   2×4 bricks
  •   2   2×6 bricks
  •   2   2×8 bricks

The kids were told to create anything they wanted, but only using the even-numbered bricks. They all made some amazing builds!

One of the parents put together a short Power Point on ships and boats that we watched before we started our Theme Build. The kids could work independently or together to create their ships and boats. We had all kinds of shapes and sizes of boats, from small motor boats to a model of the Titanic!

Mini Build – Aquatic Life

DSCN6113 A dino guy and dragon with a black cloud, a guy in a puddle and rain drops dripping


DSCN6115The sea with a sea turtle and a person. The desert with a cactus.

DSCN6116A submarine and the ocean with seaweed

DSCN6117A house with a swimming pool and a garden

DSCN6118A minecraft scene – A snowcapped mountain, a field with a random tree, the moon, a brick house, an ocean, a field of cornstalks, creepers and Steve.

DSCN6119Two guys in the snow finding the Abominable Snowman

DSCN6120A house with a pool, some crystals for decorations, a chimney, and the orange brick is the button that turns on the pool cover.

DSCN6121A swimming pool with a diving board, a turtle and some seaweed


DSCN6123A weird clam

DSCN6124Fish swimming in coral

Challenge Build – 2-4-6-8

DSCN6125Ocean and a lighthouse

DSCN6126A lighthouse and a house for the lighthousekeeper

DSCN6127A treehouse

DSCN6128The Titanic, the iceberg and a whale swimming nearby

DSCN6129A face

DSCN6130A table with a TV

DSCN6131An airplane

DSCN6132A beanstalk

DSCN6133A flag – look how well it balances!

DSCN6134A playset with a slide

DSCN6135A guy in the desert with a big cactus, a mini cactus and a big rattlesnake

Theme Build/Free Build – Ships and Boats

DSCN6136A long boat with an awesome blue deck and hull

DSCN6137A houseboat with a bowfisher man and a record player

DSCN6138The Titanic on a water base – three of the kids worked on this one

DSCN6139A ship with oars

DSCN6140Two motor boats and a house

DSCN6141A motor boat

DSCN6142A ship with an orange sail – the only ship that can sail on sand

DSCN6143A big barge

Our next Lego Club meeting is on Friday, September 13, 2013. Come join in the fun!


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