Anansi the Spider at Paul Mesner Puppets


logoStory telling is an important part of Black History Month, and some of the funniest stories surround Anansi the Spider. Paul Mesner Puppets has turned four Anansi stories into a rollicking play fun for the whole family.

The play weaves together four humorous stories as told by a trickster spider who sometimes gets tricked himself: See How the Stories Came to the World, Tiger Becomes a Riding Horse, The Magic of Five and Dinner for Two, all universal lessons told with wit and cleverness for audience age three and older.

Performances are held at the Paul Mesner Puppets studio on Linwood in Midtown, Kansas City, and now performances are also be held at Glenwood Theater in Overland Park.

The kids really enjoyed the performance. The tiger was a special favorite. The jokes appeal to kids and adults alike. We look forward to attending future performances!


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