March 2016 Lego Club Creations


2016-03-07 11.40.25

Today at Lego Club we started with a mini build for March holidays – Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Dr. Seuss Day, as well as spring. For our theme build we talked about how March can come in like a lion and out like a lamb (and vice versa), and had the kids build lions, lambs and other animals. We finished up with some free building time. Here are some of the creations from today’s meeting:

2016-03-07 10.52.53
Easter egg hunt

2016-03-07 11.00.40
A minion Easter egg hunt

2016-03-07 11.04.27
Leprechauns, a rainbow with clouds and a pot of gold

2016-03-07 11.09.09
A ship full of Easter eggs; water is splashing onto the boat

2016-03-07 11.12.00
Koi pond with water fountain, garden, a dog and a doghouse; a treehouse with Easter egg throughout, plus a dirt pile at the end

2016-03-07 11.14.59
A family Easter egg hunt

2016-03-07 11.15.12
A firefly

2016-03-07 11.19.07
A lion puppet

2016-03-07 11.21.25
A horse

2016-03-07 11.23.54
A sheep

2016-03-07 11.25.58
A spaceship

2016-03-07 11.26.26
A rainbow treehouse with a roof

2016-03-07 11.33.50
King cobra wearing a wig because he wants to be Elvis

2016-03-07 11.38.36
An alligator

2016-03-07 11.39.16
A rainbow sword

2016-03-07 11.40.25
A lion, lioness and lion cub

2016-03-07 11.44.19
A cobra with red eyes and fangs

2016-03-07 11.45.20
A minecraft portal with character wearing diamond boots and chest plate and an emerald helmet, plus an Easter egg hunt

2016-03-07 11.46.00
A lion with mane and claws

2016-03-07 11.46.55
A treehouse with ladder

2016-03-07 11.47.53
A toy machine

2016-03-07 11.48.09
A cat

2016-03-07 11.48.25
A rainbow tadpole in a rainbow stream

2016-03-07 11.49.00
A snake

2016-03-07 11.49.14
A flexible snake

2016-03-07 11.50.34
Secret ninja base

2016-03-07 11.51.23
A pack of wolves, a lamb and a lion, plus a crocodile under water

2016-03-07 11.52.04
Close-up of crocodile

2016-03-07 11.52.31
A pair of lions

Happy building!


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