September 2013 Lego Club Creations


September’s Lego Club was all about exploring cars and balloons. From a creative mini build through our fun challenges, the kids had a great time!

Our mini build focus was vehicles and garages. We gave each kid a mini build kit, had them pick a set of miniature wheels and axles, then let them work. While they were busy building, we set up ramps and “roads” made out of corrugated plastic cardboard. We had three ramp heights for the kids to use. Once the ramps were up, the kids were busy testing out their creations. Some of those mini-cars went really far!

We used the plates from the mini kits for our challenge builds – we built balloon cars and gravity racers (derby cars)! Some of the kids started with balloon cars, then modified their balloon car to use as a gravity racer, while others created completely new racers. We took down two of the ramps to accommodate the balloon cars, and marked off starting lines. One of the balloon cars went 14 feet 5 inches! We also had a few experiments with balloon cars on the ramp – some went fast, some went far, but none beat the distance of a balloon racer on a flat track.

This particular meeting was short on pictures, but long on fun. The kids were so busy building, modifying and improving their designs that it was hard to get pictures of their finished creations. The cars ranged from basic framework balloon cars to highly decorated gravity racers, with so many variations in between. The kids would build, race and modify their cars as quickly as possible. It was amazing to see how quickly the kids figured out how to improve their designs. It was a very inventive meeting, with lots of great ideas!

Mini Build – Mini Vehicles and Garages

DSCN6198An airplane and hangar

DSCN6199A mini car

DSCN6200A garage, driveway and Jeep that seats 6

DSCN6201Two mini cars and a garage

DSCN6202A flying battle cow

Challenge Build – Balloon Cars and Gravity Racers

DSCN6204A basic balloon car

DSCN6205A super-long balloon car

DSCN6206A balloon car ready to roll!

DSCN6207Check out the distance for that car!

DSCN6208A tall balloon car

DSCN6209And look at how far it goes!

DSCN6210A multi-axle balloon car

DSCN6211Another great basic balloon car

DSCN6212Ready for the road!

DSCN6213Taller is better

DSCN6216A beautiful and well-built balloon car – this one went very far!

Free Build
Some of the kids took a break from racing to just enjoy building. Here are some of their great creations!


DSCN6215Another version of a helicopter

DSCN6217A fabulous mini car

DSCN6218Check out this awesome looking car!

And since we didn’t get a good shot of the ramps at the meeting, here are some post-meeting pictures:

DSCN6220Side view showing cutouts used as interior support

DSCN6221Back view – the binder clip holds the cutouts together and provides stability

DSCN6222The ramp breaks apart and folds flat for easy storage

Our next Lego Club meeting is on Friday, October 5. Hope to see you there!


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