New Dimensions at Nelson-Atkins Fall 2016



This fall a group of our older kids (6th grade and up) attended the Nelson-Atkins New Dimensions: Creative Exploration workshop to learn about animation.

On the first day of the workshop the kids became familiar with the computers and software, learned some basic techniques to create their own stop motion animation, and toured the museum to get some ideas. From there, their creativity was let loose, and they began working on their videos.

Getting started

Working with clay

Getting the shot just right

Filming the background

Day two was spent touring more of the museum and working on their videos. On day three they fine-tuned their videos, editing, adding sound and creating their final version to share.

Here are the videos!

Thank you to the instructor, Brent, as well as the museum for hosting the workshop! The kids had a great time learning about and creating their own animation short films!


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